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How does AXA IN work?

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GPS signal

The bike's AXA IN module receives a GPS signal

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GPS connection

The AXA IN module creates an internet connection via GPS

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Internet server

The AXA IN module sends his location to our internet server where we store the data

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Your customers can see their location in their AXA app

The ultimate way to stay in contact with your end user

New revenue models

Thanks to AXA IN you can sell additional services like insurances, maintenance contracts, warranty extensions and battery lease contracts.

Insight and intelligence inside your bike


Stay connected with your bike


AXA IN bikes have various alert functions. With our geofence technology you create a virtual fence around the bike. As soon as the bike is outside that fence the owner receives a notification. Furthermore, the owner receives a push notification if the bike moves, falls over or travels faster than 50 km/h. In that case you can assume the bike is being transported!

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